Just switch off and let your soul dangle …
On one of the most beautiful riverscapes in Germany – directly located on the banks of the Weser is our biergarten and restaurant’s terrace. Enjoy a cool drink, the scenery and tranquility of the Weserbergland and relax by savouring our culinary offerings.

Our kitchen’s philosophy is based on fresh and honest dishes, mostly based on products already used by our Huguenot city builders and regional delicacies – interpreted in a modern and younger way.

Hotel und Restaurant “Zum Weserdampfschiff”

4 Einzelzimmer; 10 Doppelzimmer

Restaurant mit Biergarten direkt an der Weser gelegen

A-la-Carte, kleine Köstlichkeiten, private Feierlichkeiten u.ä. Veranstaltungen, Reisegruppen

A-la-Carte, kleine Köstlichkeiten, private Feiern, Veranstaltungen, Reisegruppen

We look forward to your visit.